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Empowering your Pursuit

Improve ROI, create efficiencies, and reduce the cost of doing business. The changing business landscape is providing both new opportunities and new challenges for organizations. Many companies are embracing the use of data analysis to determine the direction of their own decision-making to lower costs, improve product quality, and achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings. In addition, in a world of social media fluency, companies that excel will earn praises that ultimately result in financial reward.

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Turning Data into Action

Data management, business intelligence (BI), and analytics solutions provide you with the insight you need to turn data into action. But in order for analytics to really make a difference, you need an end-to-end solution that includes data management, governance, business rules management, and visualization. You also need a cohesive solution that touches the managerial, financial, and operational areas of your organization. That solution is Dimensional Insight.

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Creating Data Talkers™

Is your organization composed of “data talkers?” Data talkers are confident. They’re inquisitive. They trust the data they use and make informed decisions that impact performance. Data talkers are action-oriented people who can view dashboards and easily deduce whether their department is exceeding goals, on point, or underperforming. They seek to explore hidden nuggets in data and harvest these points to propel success. Diver Platform brings insights to the data talkers in your organization. Yet the software is so intuitive and easy to use that it helps create new data talkers from people who didn’t think they were data literate.

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Data Integration

Dimensional Insight’s powerful ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) toolset easily integrates data from all your enterprise and ancillary sources. It creates a single view of data from multiple internal and external sources, providing a validated and complete view of all data.

Data Governance & Analytics

Dimensional Insight’s measure tool provides a business rules engine designed to put your governance stakeholders and subject matter experts in control. These users can view and tailor relevant measures and business rules. With our measure tool, business rules are standardized, validated, and documented — ensuring users are always looking at accurate and consistent data and reports.

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Dimensional Insight’s security module handles user authentication and access control based on the user, group, and role. The security functionality is robust and includes logging.

Data Engine

Dimensional Insight’s data engine (columnar database) is a next-generation data engine, engineered specifically for speed and to support analytical applications. Dimensional Insight’s columnar database structure stores data in columns instead of rows, placing the information needed for each individual query in close proximity and in-memory. This produces lightning speed results. Our data engine is highly scalable and can handle the largest data sets organizations produce.

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Ad Hoc Analysis

Diver users have the ability to view information at a summary level and then “explore” more detailed views directly. This type of ad hoc analysis helps users to understand root causes of resultant information. Users are enabled to explore in any direction they wish without the limitations of preset drill paths or hierarchical constraints.

Self-Service Reporting

Each user can have a “My Page” — a place where he or she can easily design a dashboard page with the specific KPI important to them. Through an intuitive point-and-click interface, users can select any curated KPI and their desired visualization to display on their own page. All KPIs and visualizations are immediately explorable without limits for analysis.

Visual Integrated Development Environment

Dimensional Insight’s integrated visual development environment is used to develop, test, and manage projects associated with our tool. Developers easily build applications using visual elements. Ease-of-use boosts productivity by: reducing setup time, increasing the speed of development tasks, keeping developers up to date, and standardizing the development process.

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Ad Hoc Interactive Dashboards & Scorecards

The web portal environment of Dimensional Insight’s platform provides users with timely access to business-critical metrics in a format meaningful to their specific roles, while acting as a reliable, centralized information access point. All views are “live,” meaning users can explore into the detail directly from any report, dashboard, or visualization.

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“Our CEO is very focused on ROI and bringing in revenue. The fact that Dimensional Insight is here and its use keeps getting expanded across the organization is a testament to his intuition that the technology is highly valuable and highly useful.”

Brian Margolies

Chief Information Officer, Allied Beverage