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Deploying Dimensional Insight’s Platform

Deploying Dimensional Insight’s Platform — the techie stuff.


The platform’s data processing engine is column-oriented, optimized for query-time calculations instead of build-time calculations. The design takes advantage of hardware innovations and analysis practices to better handle user behaviors and queries.


The platform’s data engine is built for speed, both for calculations and for builds, significantly boosting run-time performance for clients and productivity of IT staff.

Run-time performance

  • Data engine algorithms optimize run-time performance for some of the most commonly used computations.
  • The calculation engine compiles formulas into machine code optimized for the processor on which it is running and runs the machine code raw.
  • These design optimizations shave off computation processing time making run-time performance extremely fast.

Build times

When your data input amounts to 500 million – 1 billion rows or more, you need builds to turn around quickly. The platform’s data engine does not pre-summarize data, so the engine build times are small relative to the data input, which all adds up to getting current data available to users quicker and more frequently.


Dimensional Insight’s team of in-house business intelligence consultants assist with the design, implementation, and customization of your application. Consulting service plans offer the flexibility to deliver complete turnkey solutions or remote support for your internal IT team or any level of service in between, putting you in control of your application.

Data Security
  • Flexible authentication options: own, system, LDAP, and web server
  • Data authorization via assigned properties and access control rules
  • Multiple security levels and robust data encryption
  • Access control at the data set or field level
Open Environment

Data in the cBases can be accessed via ODBC by other visualization tools or 3rd-party systems. Access is still controlled through Dimensional Insight’s robust security. Users are still accessing the validated and documented data in the curated cBases or the raw data in the uncurated Data Lake cBases.


All product training taught by Dimensional Insight trainers helps users, developers, and IS / IT staff fully understand and benefit from the power of Diver. Courses are delivered onsite at customer organizations or online. Courses can be customized to meet specific needs and organizational challenges.

Platform License Options

Dimensional Insight offers the ultimate in deployment options, including on-premise, SaaS, and hybrid configurations.

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