Analytics: Moving from data to decision

Visualize and explore your data in a way most meaningful to your role.

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Self-service. Flexibility. Deeper Analysis.

Access and analyze your data how you want

Once you are able to integrate your data and create KPIs, it’s time to analyze your data to gain the right insights. You want to be able to analyze your data in a way that’s most meaningful to you, whether that means diving down into the data to explore it, or whether that means viewing executive dashboards or reports that highlight the trends you need to see.

While many analytics solutions provide pre-defined drill-paths that offer only one way to look at the data, Dimensional Insight provides you with the flexibility to decide how you need to explore and examine the data to maximize results.

Our analytics clients are designed for multiple types of users (data scientists, analysts, executives) and are available on a variety of devices (desktop, laptop, tablets, phones).

Our “Stamps” functionality enables you to easily design your own dashboard for self-service.


Role-based analytics

Look at and dig into the data in the way that is most important to you.


Create your own dashboards to highlight the data you need to make more impactful decisions.

Anytime, anywhere

Access your data in or out of the office, on any type of device.

Advanced capabilities

Use our predictive and assisted analytics capabilities to answer questions you don’t know you have or forecast trends.

Our analytics clients

Diver Gateway

Allows users to access live integrated data from any type of device including PCs, laptops, tablet computers, or phones


Is our most powerful data analysis and reporting client and an essential component of Diver Platform


Is a web-based program for analyzing your data: view, customize, or save data in a table, graph, or report


Is a customizable web portal that displays your diver data in configurable graphical and tabular formats


Is the Dimensional Insight tablet-based mobile technology that provides rapid access to your data and secondary information from a central location

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